Monday, May 14, 2007


Good day reading tarot at a fair in Cotes d'Armor yesterday. All the same, now that I am in the process of designing my new tarot website I can't help feeling that some sort of image and outlook re-think is needed. Is Star Tarot is a bit wimpy and new agey? Are hope and optimism really my keywords? Wouldn't something that more nearly defines my general attitude and reading style be better? OK, Kick-Arse Tarot it is then.


Pam said...

Hi Wendy!
Happy to have found your blog
: )

Kick Arse Tarot indeed!

btw, thanks for sending the book-it arrived today.

WM said...

Thanks, Pam :-)

Rhinoa said...

Kick arse sounds great!

Jennifer said...

Agree, kick arse does sound good, a nice hybrid. Where will you be reading next?d