Saturday, August 18, 2007

walking the Finistere coast

Spectacular walking for the new book on the Crozon peninsula this week, helped by hospitality and lifts from friends Les and David in Landevennec. Highlights include the remarkable éperon barré of Lostmarc'h and scenery around the Cap de la Chevre. How fortunate that I have just been asked to supply photos showing Brittany's exceptional scenery for a travel magazine. It is also timely for publicity for the Walking and Writing course I'm launching next year, using the landscape not only for inspiration but to also to develop techniques. More on that shortly.


Jennifer said...

Hi Wendy, so great to read your blog and my husband and I just bought your books - we bought a house 2 years ago in Plelauff in Cote d'Amor and often wondered where we could find good trails - and we found you. Crozon is one of our favorite hiking places and I am looking forwad to the book! I agree with you that all those holiday houses and no dog beaches are rotten - but I am glad you are toughing it out for the world! I hope to run into you at the Morlaix market for a tarot card reading. Love your work!

WM said...

Thanks very much, Jennifer. I'm pleased to hear from you. I've just walked from Cap de la Chevre to L'Aber (via Morgat) - hard-going but what a landscape! Email me via my website about tarot anytime - I'm not doing the market at the moment but the Red Dog Books stall is stil there. It would good to meet you.