Monday, November 05, 2007

tarot competition win

A highly original and exciting new deck - The Maroon Tarot - has recently been published (Majors only so far). What endears it to me especially is that it is a deck from Poland, a place with which I have great affinity. Part of the publicity is a competition for work inspired by one of the cards - I have had a win with this poem on the Judgement card shown above.


I have heard this call before,
Deep in my green thoughts,
On lost nights
In a wrong place

I hid my face.
Past failures hold me
New fears enfold me
In the sadness of space.

Call me again

How high is wall?
How far is the fall?

Call me again

Is that the time?
The blast insists.
My mind resists
Such a step
From dark to light,
The distance of knowing.

But I’m on my way
I’m going

My spirit flies before.

©Wendy Mewes


Gledwood said...

Your imagery came up on Blogger Play... so I thought I would say hello to you as I floated on past...
I used to be into Tarot but my views have kind of lapsed...

Nice blog you got!

Take it easy!

"Vol 2"...

WM said...

Hi Gledwood - thanks for your comments. You never know when it will be time to tarot :-)

Rosie said...

thanks for your post, it made me remember many years ago the excitement of meditating with the I Ching. I have never explored Tarot though.