Thursday, November 06, 2008


Two days in Rennes, capital of modern Brittany, this week. It's not a city I feel especially at ease in, finding it less engaging than Nantes or Vannes, despite the breath-taking range of innovative architectural concepts. Religious buildings are varied and omni-present, likewise medieval colombage houses of many colours, but Rennes is hard to get hold of in a single grasp, slipping and shimmying away as the visitor grapples with each of its many salient parts.
I am pleased to meet up again with Pierrick Gavaud from Randobreizh to discuss my association's Days of Discovery event for September 2009, and with Michael Dodds, new head of tourism, who is generous with his time and attention to the possibilities of my Britons in Brittany project.


the idle poor said...

I think you should ask Michael, if you haven't already!

WM said...

It's not easy to get a response from Michael. I've never heard a word about the Britons in Brittany proposal I put to him, which was a serious idea for a major initiative that would interest thousands of people. I am often asked when something will happen about this - what can I say? How many years does it take to say yes or no?