Sunday, February 06, 2011

New World

Started my customary Sunday circuit round Mont St-Michel in the Monts d'Arrée today only to be confronted almost at once by a convoy of 4-track vehicles driving across the moor and then right up onto the chapel hill via a narrow walkers' path, flattening plants as they went. Very depressing sight in a regional park where vehicles are strictly forbidden, but the Parc Armorique seem to do nothing to prevent it. Decided to get right off the usual tracks to avoid the noise, smell and intrusion of ignorant motorists, and was rewarded by the discovery of a new world with a mysterious subterranean lake. On another track on the way back up to the parking area, had to get out of the way of five very loud motorised ATVs .... could the Monts d'Arrée be losing its raw charm? And why does no-one do anything about it?


Ancestral Celt said...

I am assuming you reported the incident to the local authorities and also complained to the tourist office (I am aware you work closely with them). Next time, take pictures of the unlawful intruders and post pictures of them with dates and times, keeping a log; not necessarily on this blog, but perhaps create another one? Speak to others who enjoy the area as you do, respectfully, and ask them to also catalogue any infringements.

If everyone reported these kinds of activities, those in charge might see people care and actually do something about it.

WM said...

Thanks, AC. I do have a photo to send to the Parc Armorique, but it is very hard here in France to get any kind of action about anything. There is also always the problem that individuals have little value: you must represent an association to have any clout. And of course, I have the added disadvantage of being a foreigner -despite my Welsh heritage!
Many access points to the moors do not have signs and some that existed have been removed.
It's a serious problem. I no longer enjoy wlaking the Nantes-Brest canal because of the number of cars and vans using the towpath, despite clear signs forbidding motorised traffic.