Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Lac St-Michel and the Yeun Elez

Yesterday I walked the 15km round Lac St-Michel for a GPS trace to ensure accurate maps for my Monts d'Arrée booklet, which is nearly finished. The drawback of this circuit was always a long stretch of tedious road-walking around the nuclear power-station at the Brennilis end, but this was re-worked last year to give scenic footpaths instead right by the lake and behind the barrage at Nestavel. I needed to check exactly how this all worked on the ground, and the route is indeed immeasurably improved.
The advantage of this circuit is the almost flat level of the whole thing, offering a long walk to those whose knees may not appreciate the usual very up and down Breton terrain. There are also great views of all the highest hills in Brittany, without the need to climb them. Crossing the Yeun Elez, often on wooden walkways, gives a close experience of the peaty tourbières characteristic of this area, in contrast with the upper heaths or landes. Here you are crossing the cradle of Breton legend as well as a distinctive landscape.


Lucy said...

We've just booked a few days very near there in May, in some rather appealing semi-underground accommodation called the 'Troglogîtes'! I don't suppose your book will be available by then, will it?

WM said...

Hi Lucy - you'll be in an excellent spot for exploring the Monts d'Arrée there. I live nearby. The book may be out, depends when in May - keep an eye on the blog. Hope you have a great time anyway. We may have a Brittany Walk in that area mid-May.