Sunday, November 02, 2014

Holiday weekend

November 1st is a public holiday here in France, and also my dog's birthday. We always celebrate with a trip to the coast - this year down south to the area around Le Guilvinec, where we stayed in an impeccable dog-friendly B&B ( and did a lot of coastal and estuary walking over two days. Saturday was as hot and blue-skied as July, and Sunday a typically moody autumn grey, so the best of all worlds for watching the water and getting that uplifting liminal feeling.
Plage de Squividan

Pointe de Men Meur
To the small extent that the weekend was purposeful beyond that, I did check out half a dozen neolithic sites for a new writing project, and revisited the Romanesque church of Loctudy.
Menhir de Léhan


Lucy said...

Happy birthday dog! How lovely always to have a holiday on your birthday, my niece in New Zealand was inadvertently born on Waitangi Day, before she even moved there as a child.

Where is that remarkable menhir in the marsh?

WM said...

Thanks, Lucy. I've now labelled the photos! I also walked down the Pont l'Abbé estuary to the other famously wet-footed standing stone, the Menhir de Pennglaouic, which is not too far away from this one.

Lucy said...

Ah ha!

Nigel said...

Hi Wendy,

I will be in Quimper for Christmas and I will try and go and see this stone and its sister nearby that also stands in the water.
We may get up to Huelgoat, etc.
It depends on the weather and arrangements.

Best wishes,