Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Celtic punk

I'm enjoying a chance to get on with the new book - cultural history of Brittany - without distractions, apart from finishing the Huelgoat walking for the little guide coming out in April. Yesterday I was able to write all morning, get out over lunch-time on the high hills on a cold and grey day perfect for walking and thinking, and then read all afternoon.
As I have already accumulated a veritable moutain of books (all in French, so inevitably a bit slower to get through) for research, that reading time is vital. Ended a very productive day listening to the Ramoneurs de Menhirs, my favourite Celtic punk band. Actually I don't know any others (yet) but I'm determined to get them in somewhere. Their wit and energy are inspiring, a sure antidote to the heavy literary mob who will also figure here and there in the book. And I like their music.


Tina Jordan said...

Hello from the mountains of North Carolina. I am fascinated with the information you present here! Thanks.

WM said...

Hi Tina - thanks! I've replied to your email message.