Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Out at last

My new book The Saints' Shore Way is out at last - a project with the Baie de Morlaix tourist board supposed to last three months that has in fact taken up eight and caused me all manner of hardships. It has certainly been an eye-opening experience to see how tourist organisations work in terms of project development.
The guide gives maps, directions, sights and themes for a 133km route between Roscoff and Lannion, via Morlaix, mostly on the coastal path. It's a week's walk, accessible without a car as it starts from Roscoff ferry port and there's a good train service back from Lannion. The cover, designed to say sea, summer, dramatic rocks and lonely paths away from it all, has been a hit. Even the English distributor emailed to say it made one want to be there at once. The whole book looks and feels great, so all that meticulous work on the page lay-out and design was worth it in the end.
As I've sold my rights, very cheaply as things have turned out, the sales are not a direct concern, but I've done a great deal of publicity here and in England to help things along. Pity it is quite late in the season for planning holidays, especially with Easter so early. I'm doing a tour of some of the highlights for the AIKB in May and publicity in Cornwall, because of the connection with the Saints Way there, before that.

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