Monday, June 10, 2013

Qui voit Ouessant voit son sang

Just back from a working holiday on the amazing island of Ouessant. Managed to complete the coastal walk started on a previous trip and highly recommend it: for me it is far the best of all the Breton islands, being harsher and more remote than much vaunted, pretty Belle-Ile. That sense of being far out in the Atlantic (with weather to match - from hot sun to a wind force I've never experienced), and the lengthy, often rough, journey to get there adds to the experience.


Guilherme Saito said...

Hi, im Guilherme from Brazil. Very nice place, and im sorry for my poor english. but i had to comment , because i really felt like "woah" . Best wishes.

WM said...

Hi Guilherme
Thanks for your comment. Nothing wrong with your English and it's good to have a visitor from Brazil.