Monday, February 03, 2014

Double celebration

Wales won AND I've finished my book. Look out for it later in the year with Signal Books ( in their Landscapes of the Imagination series. Now I am excavating my desk and the dining table, having seen the surface of neither for many months. Then will be time for friends, cooking, cleaning, meditating, poetry and exercise. After a rest, I have a little megalithic book to sort out, two articles in the pipeline and a much bigger writing project for later in the year. So today is a great day, despite the weather - even the dogs were happy to curtail their walk in the rain.

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Nigel George Romeril said...

Cheer up!
The Welsh men have just defeated France 27 -6.
They are inching towards the top of the table.
Ireland men have to do well against England men tomorrow.
So far the men's and women's games have broadly followed each other.
This weekend could see a big change.