Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stormy spring

Been a rough old couple of weeks since finishing the book - storms and long power-cuts wearying enough, but a severe throat infection and the totally impossibility of getting warm or dry inside my hovel have created something of an endurance test when I have no energy to deal with it.
Walking has been very limited for these reasons lately - I even missed the Brittany Walks event last week, only the third absence in 10 years - but I did get into the forest in Huelgoat on Sunday. More trees are down but water levels are now lower than during the December deluge. The river bridges were passable although signs they had been underwater earlier. Yesterday on a brief sortie in the rain the atmosphere was spring-like with banks of primroses, budding trees and excited bird song all around.


Nigel George Romeril said...

It has been pissing it down in Jersey for weeks as well.
We get about the same weather as St Malo, Carteret etc.
But it has dried up a lot and the wind has dropped this week.
We were in Scrignac over Christmas. It rained almost constantly. We got used to viewing the landscape through the car windows when we could see it.
We visited the valley of the saints. Everything was closed, so we just parked the car and walked in to the field with the enormous statues.
The weather was good for once and they are spectacular in a strange way.
The not very easily impressed Bretonne took loads of photos and talked happily about St Anne, St Malo,etc.
St Gwenn avec les tres boobies as we christened her was great and we looked her up afterwards.
Apart from the statues there is a fantastic view across the valley and down to the chapel of St Gildas which we visited later.

WM said...

Thanks for your comment. I've been to the Valley of the Saints a few times but am not a fan, for reasons explained in my new book and earlier posts. Funny about Scrignac - it's always raining when I go there!