Sunday, August 06, 2006


In response to another question prompted by my Lammas ramblings - why do these things at all? I can only answer for me. For many paganism is not a religion, but I think I can stand the word well enough. It is an active, participatory phenomenon: no creed, no intermediaries between human and divine, just personal choice, experience, commitment and responsibility. This very freedom makes the Sabbat festivals special as they are shared occasions, important to many thousands of people all over the world. Sacred times, sacred spaces. For me each event is about personal concentration, connection, contribution and celebration, but also primarily about the natural progress of the year, to which my psychological and emotional state is irretrivably linked (and I'm not just talking about moon cycles). I live in nature and my life moves with it, comfortably or agitatingly part of a greater whole. I didn't celebrate Beltane on May 1st, because a fertility ritual seemed inappropriate when many trees were not yet even in leaf - the reality of very late spring in Brittany this year was more important than a date on the calendar. That integrity of experience is essential to me as a pagan. Enough. I'll leave my dangerous Thelemite leanings for another time.

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Renata said...

Hello, Wendy.

It was very nice to find your blog and discover that you are a pagan (at least I understood you are). I have just came back from my holidays in Brittany and, boy, I am quite in love with this wonderful Celtic part of France.
I've been walking the path of paganism for almost 10 years now (although I think I have always been a pagan, despite my catholic backgroud) and it's nice to know that Brittany has also "pagans in action".