Thursday, August 03, 2006


Lammas at last. Gathering up all the harvest stuff - oats, nuts, fruits, flowers - and holding ritual in the hazel bower (very four of wands it looks too) at the top of the orchard with sun streaming into my face; good meditation afterwards in the same empowered space. Earlier did special lammas tarot reading for myself, but rather a sorry tale unfolded. At least the Hanged Man did not appear to urge the lammas theme of sacrifice, as I was half expecting. So the struggle goes on.
Lammas meal tonight: homemade plaited loaf, cheese from chap up the road, ripe tomato broth with fresh herbs & bread fried in olive oil and an enormous fruit salad. All very suitable, all delicious.

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Johanna said...

Hello Wendy,

I can see the orchard, of course, I feel inspired by you weaving an arbor for Lammas. (Isn't it wonderful how Steve and I naturally kept out of your ceremonial place while looking for a place to pitch the tent?)
I think of the celtic seasonal feasts (Lammas, this time) when they are there, but I don't know many rituals. I would love to know more about weaving a hazel arbor. My own nature rituals, are usually at special places in nature, to which I feel attracted and are for reconciliation, acknowledgment (of f.i. naturespirits)healing. Also for celebration of the Earth and the Sun; the place of the Planet in the Universe.

I thought about your remark about celebrating with integrity. I thought however, that I would celebrate Beltane around the first of May even when there would be no foliage showing yet. Because Bel, the Sun, is in its Beltane position around that time.