Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Our local Pardon today at the Abbaye du Relec. A service in the ancient abbey church followed by procession carrying relics through the woods to the sacred fontaine. Even as an observer, it's a profoundly moving experience, from the swell of Breton song from the belly of the church spreading over the many waiting outside, to the simple faith of the costumed women carrying their Lady's image on aged shoulders. As they wound their dignified way alongside the lake and were then lost among the trees I was both tearful and happy, separate but bound by the love of the land that underlies all devotion here. And not a foreign voice to be heard, except the French :-)

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Johanna said...

The pardon of the 15th of August must be linked to the Ascension of the Virgin.
For me Mother Mary or the Virgin in her liturgic aspect is another personalisation of the Goddess or even personification of the Earth/planet.
The feast celebrates the dogma of the Ascension to Heaven of Mary soul and BODY.(was announced dogma in 1948)
It is always remarkable how the archetypes, which are not linked to any religion, penetrate official religion, they are imperishable and after having been seemingly destroyed pop up in the next form.
(I mean the vilifying of the body of women started with the Greek philosophers and was brought into early Christianity as celibacy for men of the Church)

In this case it is The Archetype of the female body being sacred and quickened by the spirit of the Divine . In other words = Ascending to Heaven, and there being crowned by the Holy Spirit, with full assent of the Son and Father, who are acknowledging a woman and her body to be as divine as themselves, and admitting her into their circle.

So, the Earth is Heaven. There is no separation and no hierarchy anymore. No prevalence of spirit over body.
The announcement of the dogma took place on the eve (EVE -sic!)of the emancipation of women. The church has certainly been intuitive here. What a pity that pure intuition and pure intention are not combined with clearer understanding. Johanna