Tuesday, September 30, 2008

waiting for a reply from Brittany tourism

I'm waiting for a reply from Brittany tourism's new head honcho, who happens to be English. I wrote three weeks ago asking for a late October meeting about my Briton/Breton historical trail project. No reply. Yesterday morning I sent another polite message and reprinted the first in case it was never forwarded to him. Now I wait and hope and wait and .........
My reply rate from Breton tourist boards/organisations/officials over the years has been less than 25%, but I remain absurdly optimistic and put all my faith in Mr Michael Dodds. After all, why wouldn't he be interested in such a project?


mdodds said...

Wendy has every reason to remain optimistic. I am looking forward to meeting Wendy on the 4th November in Rennes.

A très bientôt

Michael Dodds

Aleda said...

This is great info to know.