Monday, July 31, 2006

lammas preparations

Sunday - walked myself into a better frame of mind early in the morning. Beautiful, fresh day in the hills - impossible not to feel the folly of one's ways and draw strength from a wider perspective. It's my personal formula: spirits always expand in proportion to the physical views.
Afternoon spent in preparation for Lammas. Cut ten foot lengths of hazel from one of the prolific trees in the orchard, fixed them into the ground, bent the tops over into the middle and wove all the thin leafy branches together to make a bower. Went to the one field in the lane still not harvested and cut a few sheafs of oats from the edges where they'll be missed by machinery. Today making some figures from lavender and baking lavender biscuits ready for the celebration. The anticipation is as important a part of festivals as it is of sex, with that subtle flicker of happiness and physical agitation, the build-up of desire. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful, wish I was there!
Here we have the madness of having changed my workroom to another place, and the boiler's broken down. However I will try to get that better frame of mind, you post was really inspirational.

WM said...

You'd better come over for Samhain - we can scry :-)