Sunday, June 11, 2006

Madness or tennis

Full moon day. French Open Mens Singles final day. Madness or tennis, I just can't make up my mind. Hours later and Nadal has won unfortunately, after an incredibly uneven performance from the great Federer. A more complete and elegant player I have never seen, even so. Not a streak of madness there. Would like to have seen a Federer v James Blake final - if the tennis was crap, there'd still be something worth watching.
Rest of today has involved a tarot reading for a friend and a bit of work to make up for all the missed time taken up by football, tennis, rubgy (French club final), football, tennis, etc. Getting on with Me and the Goddess Athene now - have an end of August deadline, but intend beating that into the ground. Summer in Brittany only lasts a few weeks but those balmy days are usually packed with people - I must hit daily word targets before lunch-time. That's my Sunday resolution anyway.
Suitably for full moon, today finished The Historian, excellent Dracula yarn by Elizabeth Kostova. I'm happy to accept the undead are still with us - looking at the Biarritz front row.

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Kirsti said...

Hey noticed this looked like your first post? Or did you just move your blog? Anyways, I like it!