Friday, June 23, 2006

writer's blog

Awake at 4am thinking I need to write something down. But what is it? Up at 5 and stroll round the orchard in my wellingtons with a cup of tea in my hand. Brian is ecstatic to have my company so early and rushes about wildly looking for a stick which is in his mouth the whole time. The sky is absolutely clear blue, air as sharp as a sword cut.
Back from 8km hike to check out a new circuit for next week's guided walk. Was intending to write 2000 words today, but my Athene book is suddenly and unaccountably stalled: the change comes down as swiftly as depression and settles ominously over my day. Can't afford to lose the time, so it's back to some mechanical work on The Long Thought (canal book), which is really what occupies my mind mostly. (That and gloomy anticipation of the match tonight).
In response to question from PB about what I read - currently a history of walking by Rebecca Solnit and The Field by Lynne McTaggart. The latter is an investigation into the 'new physics' that seems to confirm that everything in the universe is connected. Some of us already knew that. Fiction off at the moment, I'm having enough of a struggle with my own.


Anonymous said...

Hi Seule, read all your news with much interest; looks lovely, perhaps I should get a passport after all? Taken aback for a minute by mistaking 'brian' for a person....possibly husband variety. I'm sure my husband would be pleased to see me at that time in the morning; but the stick in the mouth finally gave it away - one of the dogs huh? Samara

WM said...

Lol, Samara. Brian would indeed like to marry me although he is, as you surmise, but a dog. Certainly get that passport - would love to see you here.
bb seule