Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Every day I have more emails than I can easily handle (without getting a secretary or giving up writing). Today, for example, there's the aftermath of my international slanging match about Zizou with various people around the globe to contend with, a message from the Daily Mail who have enjoyed Five of Cups but are not going to review it, a very kind offer of free DVDs to promote my walking book from a lovely couple who have made a recording of photos set to music from their experiences of using the book, a request from a Spanish property company to link with my Brittany Walks website, a few Five of Cups fan letters, a query about walking around Paimpol, an interesting suggestion from an attractive man I met recently, supportive friends' enquiries after my health (mostly drunk lately thank you), and a lot of arrangements to be sorted with summer visitors. That's in addition to about thirty-five daily tarot-related messages and a lot of mail from various pagan groups. It's not the time in replying that matters but the thought that must precede each answer, and the careful calculation of tone and true intention behind the requests, ideas and opinions. I don't always get it right unfortunately.

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