Sunday, July 16, 2006


Got up very early on Saturday. The market was even more fun than usual. K of S: bliss. And the weekend got even better with the arrival of my old mate Steve from Glastonbury days who has illustrated two of my books and is a fine writer himself though of completely different ilk. Fetch him and his lovely partner Johanna from Morlaix station and then have a long food, drink and talk filled evening which has done a lot for the general state of my spirits. Today take them up on the Monts d'Arrée and to the powerful alley grave at Mougou Bihan. The house next to it, which I have long coveted, has a for sale sign and the agent is a long-term acquaintance of mine. I resist the urge to call there and then on the mobile.
This evening to Guimiliau to see the parish close, finest example of an extraordinary blossoming of competitive religious architecture in the 15-17th centuries, thanks to wealth pouring into Léon from the linen industry. It is a distinctive, some claim unique, style for which this area is rightly famous.

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