Thursday, July 06, 2006

in denial

Morning of tarot - one professional reading, one online freebie, both interesting and revealing. The Five of Cups has attracted a lot of attention among people who know nothing about the subject, so that’s good work. My new Druidcraft deck arrived in the post and we have a first run together for the short spread. I like it, but no coup de foudre.
Talking of which (for those who have kindly enquired after the King of Swords) - en route to the library I drive past him sauntering back to work after lunch, and he really was sauntering. The physical gait is revealing and it is starting to confirm something I’ve been thinking about lately – but am not yet prepared to entertain as a serious notion. Could he be not the King of Swords, but the Knight of Wands. Aaaarghhh! And worse, a Knight of Wands reversed? No, I’m in denial, but really need to see some urgent evidence of that sword.

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