Monday, July 03, 2006

heavy monday

Huge thunder storm in the night but still heavy and too oppressive for words. Finding it impossible to work or think today: hot, restless, unsettled and unproductive, although I did manage a couple of scenes of chapter 10 of Me and the Goddess Athene. Lay on the grass in the orchard in the shade of my beloved oak trees and read Labyrinth by Kate Mosse for a while, but Brian would insist on sitting on the book to divert my attention to himself. Try having the 'dogs should be heard but not seen' discussion with him again, but it goes nowhere as usual. Fortunately the big chap Rufus is in the mood for a fight and drags Brian off by the scruff of his neck for a bit of snarling and snapping. Totally quiet in my beautiful green oak walled room. I watch the insects in the grass beneath me, so purposeful and preoccupied. This weather always brings out lurid fantasies in me, so I while away the time, not entirely unhappily, one way and another.

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