Wednesday, July 26, 2006

over, and out

Took guided walk out yesterday afternoon, around the great loopy bends of the canalised Aulne at Chateauneuf-du-Faou. Old and new faces, very well-behaved group on the whole (even Kay and Steve) :-) Good preparation for getting back into the Long Thought tomorrow. On the way home managed to see the Serusier chapel paintings in the town for the first time, as the church has been closed for years for renovations.
Finishing second draft of Me and the Goddess Athene tonight, even if I have to go without sleep. Then it'll all be over. I'll be free. Trop contente!

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Steve Leighton said...

Hi Wendy,
Something amiss. All your text comes through as jibberish, although pictures are good. Maybe it's my computer, as J and I had a look at your blog at Carnac. Anyway, I'll try again in the library tomorrow, and email you in due course. Thanks for your letter, awaiting me when I arrived home. Hope all is well. I miss Brittany already.
Love, Steve.