Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Duty of Care Charter for Brittany Tourism

(Photo - Dol-de-Bretagne: Cathedral St-Samson)

Brittany could improve the quality of its tourism immeasurably by establishing a Duty of Care charter which all organisations and museums or attractions offering something for the public would have to sign up to. The first pledge would have to be TO HONOUR PUBLISHED OPENING HOURS. Too often people check websites and make long drives to visit places which are closed when they should be open. Tourists and residents must be able to rely on published information, and the commitment of service/attraction providers.

Friday, October 09, 2009

History is an effort

In Quiberon this week for a few days research. I asked a pleasant woman in the tourist office at Plouharnel if she had anything historical on Quiberon and she told me the office in Quiberon itself would be able to provide what I wanted. So on I went with my travels, and explained to the woman in the correct Tourist Office that I was working on a guidebook, and asked for something about the history of the area. She said she had nothing. Nothing at all, I said with some surprise. No, for history you must go to a mediatheque or buy a book. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In astonishment, I said this was the first tourist office I'd known with no detailed information about their area. She went into the back-room. I heard sounds of the photocopier and minutes later was presented with a detailed, illustrated historical guide. What a strange service!
Luckily I was in Vannes later in the week and the TO there provided their usual helpful and friendly support. They actually seem to like talking to visitors. What after all is the purpose of work in tourism? The Quiberon peninsula is a prime tourist location and full of interest - it deserves better.