Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is there an end to legends?

I am trying to bring my work on the Legends of Brittany book to an end and start writing up pretty sharpish as the end of March deadline looms. But the very nature of legend is that one thing leads always to another version and so on. I thought - no, still think - that the thematic structure is a good one but it does lead to a lot of cross-referencing as things overlap. Also having the actual legends in a different font or style will be important so people who only want to look at stories can avoid the analysis easily. And what is the best way to illustrate a book on legends? I'm trying to stick to photos - statues, landscape features, etc. - but what to do about giants and korrigans? They just won't stay still long enough for the camera. (But here's one someone carved earlier.)
Apart from ten hours a day at the legend-face, I'm also completing a short radio script on the history of Guingamp (yes, it is where the word gingham comes from, forget India), although I sadly won't have time to record it myself. Plus I am working on the SAINTS SHORE WAY project which really needs undivided attention to put flesh on bones. (Sorry, too much dwelling on relics lately.) I've managed to plan a second project for an inland walking route on similar themes. This time the thing might really go ahead so I need to be well prepared.
Otherwise, walking is slowly getting less painful over distances. Just as well as I have a lot of it coming up. And a few bits of translation work as usual at this time of year as tourist boards and heritage sites prepare their exhibitions. All good.